Amy Montgomery: Shoulder Pads, Summer 2019

This piece, designed and made exclusively for Amy Montgomery has been a feature in some of her higher profile performances including Glastonbury 2019 and Cambridge Folk Festival 2019. Made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials including recycled denim and hemp rope. The dramatic contrast between densely stitched denim and delicate macrame spattered in black gives this piece an edgy feel and strong presence.

The collage of images about shows off the work to some more detail that what might be seen on stage. The right side seems to carry the persona of the ragged wild thing, with different materials, shapes and tones creating a punchy depth. This develops a war with the left side with a more military silhouette and pops of white amidst the spatters of black paint. The piece finds balance with the two in shiny red spirals, emphasising and dramatising any movements made.

Thanks to Shirlaine Forrest for the awesome pic of Amy at Glastonbury!!