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Hi there, welcome to my portfolio. My work ranges from design, to interpretation and everything inbetween! However I only post my major projects here, for all the fun inbetween stuff, follow my social links below:

You can find my CV here.

Conversations with Friends

Costume Trainee, Mar-Sept 2021

Set to be released in May 2022, Conversations with Friends was designed by Lorna Mugan.

All these images were obtained from promotional material online.

Flatmates Series 2 – Costume Trainee

September – December 2020

Paul McCaighy: As ‘Sassie’

A remake of a remake: this dress was comissioned by Paul for Harland and Poof even ‘Night of a Thousand Sassies’. This dress was copied from an image of drag artist Sassie who originally took inspiration from Versace’s iconic 1994 design, first modelled by Christy Turlington.

Cahoots NI: Under The Hawthorn Tree

My position as a dresser began just days before the opening night of the show in the Mac theatre and continued until the porduction when on tour. The role included small making accessories for some characters, breaking down, mending and buying. The experience I gained from this role was excellent and I really enjoyed working under designer Sabbine Dargent.

Amy Montgomery 2019

The first of many, this costume designed for local musician Amy Montgomery was an excellent jump into designing for stage. This piece encompases much of who Amy is; strong, wild, contemporary and very bohemian. Amy has brought this to many stages accross the world from Glastonbury, to Germany and even Australia.

Tinderbox: Breaking Boarders

As a first time working in Theatre, Breaking Boarders with Tinderbox Theatre what an excellent experience. From making the elastic straps shown in the images to redefine space, to sourcing costumes for ever developing characters. The haphasard explosion of creativity from every corner of this production is a real testament to the incredible artists I collaborated with in this production.

Beat Carnival; St Patrick’s Day 2019

I consider this with Beat Carnival to be a pinnacle job in my first year as a graduate. It was an opportunity to hone my machine skills an become more comfortable with stretch. The role also puches me to develop skills with making larger foam pieces and using my creativity to develop pre-existing items of clothing. The most significant piecein these photos is the Leprechaun which I created with only some help from my designer.

Degree Final Major: The Threepenny Opera

The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht is a show I’ve always found intruiging. The opportunity to make my own spin on the show to highlight themes of socialism and oppulence. After designing for the whole production I decided to create the character of Jenny. Her character features strong anatomical symbolism as she’ll do anything to fund her lavish lifestyle.

Degree Yr 2: The Alchemist

This play by Ben Jonson features a character called Subtle who con’s people into thinking he’s a learned man to take money from them. In the design of theis costume I took inspiration from Alchemy and the obsession with turning cheap metals into gold. Subtle may dress him self in rich golds and blues but if you look close enough. The rust colour of oxidising cheap metals always remains.

The Actors’ Wheel: King Lear

For this project I assumed the role of Assistant Designer. This role involved attending rehersalse and meetings as well as organising makers and partaking in fittings to ensure everything moved successfully.

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